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Online & Blended Training

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to MINERVA!

It is a virtual learning environment, designed to provide support to online and blended courses offered by the TechTalent-Lab.

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Next Courses

  • Introduction to Research Methodology

    This course presents an overview of research methodology in management. The course consists of 8 modules: (1) What is research?, (2) What is a literature review?, (3) What is a citation and reference?, (4) What is a research question?, (5) What is a hypothesis?, (6) What is a scientific methodology?, (7) What is a research project?, and (8) What is disseminating research?

  • Introduction to Text Mining in People Management (in Spanish)

    This course introduces an overview of TextMining, and some basic tools in order to analyze text documents related to HR issues. The course consists in 5 modules. The first one introduces what TextMining means. The second one introduces several software for TextMining. The third one introduces descriptve analysis of the lexicon. The fouth one introduces hierarchical upward classification of the lexicon. And the fifth one introduces sentiment analysis. All examples are related to HR issues.