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Here you can find the projects that members of the TechTalent-Lab team are carrying out.

List of the Current Projecrs

  • Projecte aTM: Promoting Modern Talent Management Practices in Asian Higher Education institutions

    The overall aim of the aTM projects it to improve the activities and processes that involve the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of those employees which are of particular value to Asian HEI in order to create strategic sustainable success.

    Coordinador: Dr. Eva Gallardo-Gallardo (UPC)
    Status: Underway


  • Talent Analytics in the Automotive Industry

    The overall aim of the project is to develop heuristics and algorithms for the identification and selection of talented employess for key positions in an automotive company.

    Coordinador: Dr. Vicenc Fernandez (UPC)

  • PRO-MaaS (Policies and Regulations required fOr enabling the MaaS concept)

    PRO-MaaS will address two multi-layered questions: Firstly, to what extent can the MaaS promises (to citizens and cities) be delivered, and what are the unanticipated societal implications that could arise from a wholesale adoption of MaaS in relation to key issues such as wellbeing, emissions and social inclusion; Secondly, what are de facto challenges for urban governance if the packaged services model of MaaS is widely adopted, and what are the future recommended responses.

    Coordinadora: Dr. Imma Ribas (UPC)
    Status: Underway