New MBA in Business Analytics

Jan 15, 2022

From TechTalent-Lab, a new MBA in Business Analytics emerges.

Dr. Vicenc Fernandez, in collaboration with the members of the TechTalent-Lab, has designed and created a new MBA (Master in Business Administration) in Business Analytics. This MBA aims to help professionals transform their organizations and create a culture based on data evidence.

This Friday, the first edition was launched with 18 students. A complete success, as there were no more places available.

Master's Degree Information

This master's degree fits with the trends in society and organizations, based on a flexible and action-oriented methodology that combines strategy in business management with the most advanced tools for Business Analytics. This combination is key, as having business management knowledge and practices without a deep understanding of the impact of data on business performance can be as detrimental as having big data analytics skills without a holistic understanding of the functioning of the economy, the market, and organizations.

At the end of the master's degree, participants will have acquired solid skills in making strategic, tactical, and operational decisions based on data and applied to complex contexts. In short, a strategy that will enable them to create, maintain, and develop a real competitive advantage in their organization.

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