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Here you can find the research lines and main topics that members of the TechTalent-Lab team are working.

Conceptualization of Talent in Public and Private Organizations

The study about how talent is conceptualized and managed in practice in public and private organizations. The aim is to contribute to the fully understanding of the nuances and complexity of talent by broadening the knowledge on underexplored regions and sectors. This research line tries to answer questions such as what talent means, if it is considered a multidimensional concept, and to what extent the subject/object and/or inclusive/exclusive approaches are valid within a region or sector.

The Role of the People  in the Coordination of the Supply Chain

The study of the role of the people management in the coordination of the supply chain, between companies and inside the units of the companies. The goal is to identify the practices that could improve the efficiency of the full Supply Chain based on People and Talent Management practices.

Business Analytics

The study of methodologies for understanding and evaluating the causal relationship between business practices and organizational performance outcomes, and for providing legitimate and reliable foundations for human capital decisions for the purpose of influencing the business strategy and performance, by applying statistical techniques and experimental approaches.


Talent Management Practices in Technological and Engineering SMEs

The study of activities and processes that involve the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of those employees which are of particular value to technological and engineering small and medium companies in order to create strategic sustainable success.

Talent Management Practices in Higher Education Institutions


The study of policies and practices that involve the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of academic and non-academic staff which are of particular value to higher education institutions in order to improve the quality of their services.

Evolution of the Talent Management Field


The study of how talent management research evolves from both a bibliometric and a conceptual perspective, as well as its fit into research on strategic human resource management.