Here, you can find some usefull resources related to the TechTalent-Lab

This MOOC course has been designed to help students embarking on their Ph.D. process. It is meant to help them not to feel lost and confused with the academic culture. This course wants to help Ph.D. students to identify the key points in the journey and offer them some tips and advice for each of them. The course has four modules that can fall into two main categories. One is the ‘big picture' knowledge about how the academic system works and, the other category involves ‘research skills’. In total, the course has 32 videos and 145 minutes.

This platform allows you to carry out a simple bibliographical analysis of the evolution of academic papers related to 'Talent Management' in peer-review journals indexed on the Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics). You only need to define the period (starting and ending years, both included) and you will get an updated analysis. The criteria for the search of papers is all those whose title contains 'Talent Management'.

In virtual meetings, non-verbal communication is also a key element to create the right workflow. Here you can find and download a set of Facilitation Cards for Virtual Meetings that you can use in your meetings. These cards can help you to improve group interaction. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

At present, there are a lot of online tools for distance and virtual work. Each of them allows collaborative work in a different way. Being aware of them can help remote groups to be more effective. Here you can find a summary of the most popular ones.